Davis Cemetery

Cemetery Location
Abagadasset Road

On card: "Near road on right between Rideout and Denham houses."

About 2/3 mile up Abbagadassett Road from Brown’s Point Road. Wooded area. Lot is 32’x 46’, and is 20 to 25 feet from the road. Tall center stone surrounded by 10 to 12 ground stones. Area is covered with poison ivy. Remains of an old wood fence. Civil War veteran (one or two). Maintained casually by abutting land owner.

Accessibility: Grave yard is close to road; may be visited without alerting land owner.

Record Source
Collection Record Number: 
GR 2

Note: Complete Town tax maps are here. The Davis Family Cemetery is in Map R07.

44° 0' 53.1396" N, 69° 51' 14.0508" W
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